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Paradise Dual Slide Combo

The Paradise Dual Slide features palm tree pillars at each corner and a tropical green, yellow and brown color theme.  It has a large 13'x13' bounce house, with a basketball hoop and two pop-ups.

 The Dual Tropical Combo is a great ride to feature at outdoor events, especially at parks that somewhat reflect the theme of the ride. It is a great way to encourage healthy, fun physical activity and create a friendly environment for everyone to come together and enjoy their time. The Paradise  Dual Slide Combo is sure to satisfy kids of all ages. 

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Paradise Dual Slide Combo

Paradise Dual Slide Combo

Date: Check Availability

Price: $257.00 (4 hours), $257.00 (8 hours), $387.00 (24 hours)
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 13w x 24L x 15H
Space Needed: 18w x 28L x 16H

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