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The Velcro Sticky Wall 

Are you ready for hours of laughter and fun? The Velcro Sticky Wall will have your guests talking about your event for days. The object of this interactive game is to see who can jump the highest.

Participants step into a multi-colored, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding Velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After they get some air with a good bounce, guests will find themselves hanging around on the 12-foot Velcro wall.

Perfect for a large corporate event, or a neighborhood party, the Sticky Wall is sure to impress and give guests an experience they will never forget.

****NOTE: While the inflatable itself can go on grass, the velcro suits cannot be laid in the grass. They must be placed on a tarp, concrete, asphalt, or used indoors. 

Comes with an attendant to help run this fun game

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Velcro Sticky Wall

Velcro Sticky Wall

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Price: $527.00 (4 hours), $767.00 (8 hours), $1,727.00 (24 hours)
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 21L / 12w / 12h
Space Needed: 25L / 16w / 12h

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