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Add a splash of fun to your next party! The Dual Slip N Slide is the best way to cool off on a hot summer day. The Dual Slip N Slide is a very attractive ride that is sure to stand out at any event or party. It is a two-lane ride that doubles the fun and allows sliders to compete against each other toward the pool at the end. A misting system is included with the ride to keep it wet and slippery for optimum fun. The pool on this ride is an optional piece, but it is sure to add a splash of fun.

When it gets hot, there is not a more enjoyable way to cool off than with a classic, wet, slippery slide. With 37 feet of it, everyone is sure to have a blast speeding down this ride, young and old alike.

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Double Lane Slip N Slide

Double Lane Slip N Slide

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Price: $267.00 (4 hours), $317.00 (8 hours), $317.00 (24 hours)
Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 37’ L x 11’ W x 7’ H
Space Needed: 39’ L x 13’ W x 8’ H

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